Today a home that stands out among similarly priced, comparable properties is the home that sells. Why? Because it makes a good first impression that lasts right to the settlement table.

You may not be able to dramatically improve the market value of your home (by finishing your basement, remodelling your kitchen, etc.), but you can improve its marketability. And usually this can be done with more elbow grease than hard cash. The key is to put yourself in the buyer's shoes. In fact, if you drop by some open houses (you may soon be a buyer yourself), you'll pick up some pointers. Then practice making your home as appealing and uncluttered as the home you wish to buy.

Perhaps the most important part of selling your home is properly showcasing your home's distinct appeal. Consider the following tips to help sell your home quickly, at the best possible price:

  1. Consider Renovation. Though not a necessity, certain renovations, such as new kitchens, bathrooms, and professional landscaping may reap a financial benefit that far out weighs their cost. Your HomeLife Sales Representative will discuss the costs and benefits of any renovation with you personally.
  2. You Never Get A Second Chance To Make A First Impression. As this is true, make sure your home's front door is clean and fresh looking. Paint or replace the door if necessary. Also keep lawn trimmed, yard clear and the home's walkways clear of snow, sand and ice.
  3. Decorate For A Quick Sale. Faded walls and worn woodwork significantly reduce your home's appeal. A new coat of paint is an inexpensive way to increase your home's value.
  4. Let The Sunshine In. Open curtains and draperies to show visitors how bright and cheerful your home can be. Dark rooms can seem both small and depressing.
  5. Sweat The Small Stuff. Dripping faucets, loose knobs, sticking windows and other minor flaws asellers_showcasing.jpgre often more visible than you think. Take the time to make these small repairs.
  6. From Top to Bottom. Display the full value of your attic and basement by removing all unnecessary articles. Brighten a dark, dull area by painting the walls.
  7. Keep Stairways Clear. Cluttered staircases appear messy and detract from your home's appeal. They're also unsafe.
  8. Make Closets Look Bigger. Neat, uncluttered closets show that the space is ample.
  9. The Importance Of A Bathroom. Beautiful bathrooms will help sell your home. Make this room sparkle.
  10. Make Bedrooms Inviting. Remove excess furniture and use attractive bedspeads and curtains.
  11. Let There Be Light. Proper illumination is like a welcome sign and very encouraging to the potential buyer.
  12. Keep It Quiet. Turn off the television. Either use soft, mellow music to set a relaxed mood, or keep the stereo silent.
  13. Don't Forget Your Four-Legged Friends. Keep pets out of the home while potential buyers are visiting. Many prospects are afraid of or allergic to pets, and will not be able to properly consider your home if they are present.
  14. Silence Is Golden. Be courteous, but don't force conversation with the potential buyer. He or she wants to inspect your home, not pay a social call.
  15. Never Apologize For Your Home. The buyer knows your home has been lived in. If there are any objections, let your HomeLife Sales Representative handle them.
  16. Not A Garage Sale. Trying to dispose of furniture and furnishing to the potential buyer before he/she has purchased the home often loses the sale.
  17. Do Not Oversell. Your home will sell itself if it's what the buyer is looking for.
  18. Remember The Golden Rule. Treat the prospective buyer the way you would want to be treated if you were in their place and you will never go wrong.
  19. Three's A Crowd. Avoid having too may people present during inspections. A buyer should never feel like an intruder, but should be able to pretend the home is already their own.
  20. Stay In The Background. Your HomeLife Sales Representative can best emphasize the features and benefits of your home on their own. Avoid tagging along; you will be called if you're needed.