Karen Tannous

Karen joined the professional Real Estate Industry in 1996. She has nearly eighteen years of experience selling apartments, townhouses and homes in South Surrey and White Rock. Karen has been a Resident of Morgan Creek, and past resident of Rosemary Heights, since 2001. She takes pride in her neighborhod, taking interest in Golf, Interior Decorating and Residential Real Estate. Originating from Ontario, she understands first hand, what a difficult transition it can be if you don't work with a REALTOR who knows the area and market.

Karen Tannous invests 100% of her time and energy delivering first class service to her clients.  As a result, Karen's valued clients refer their family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors to her for trusted advice. She is interested in building strong, lasting, lifelong relationships one at a time.

Awarded in the Top 5% of Real Estate Professionals in Canada
Diamond Club Member

Standards and Business Practices
Our Oath To You

  • We will tell the complete truth, not what the client may want to hear.
  • We will provide the most caring and professional service.
  • When hired to sell a client's home, we will always make recommendations that will assist the client in realizing a greater return and/or a more rapid sale.
  • When hired as a Buyer's Agent, we will make recommendations that will result in the buyer client gaining the greatest return on investment.
  • We acknowledge that we may periodically lose business because we are truthful with our clients and that our competitors may tell them what they want to hear to gain their favor.
  • We will never lose sight of the fact that our honesty, loyalty, confidentiality, and diligence are some of the reasons why our clients hire us.
  • We will always strive for excellence through continuing education
  • We will always treat all parties honestly and fairly and will disclose to our clients all facts that might affect or influence their decision.
  • We will keep all of your personal information to Confidential
  • We will disclose to you all information known and necessary about the properties in which you are interested.
  • We will locate and pre-screen properties from the entire market, plus handle many of the activities which are necessary.
  • We are proven experts in negotiation and it is here that we may be most valuable to you.